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Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, Haywill Animal Rescue and Therapy Centre is currently closed to the public. This means we are currently also not rehoming any animals as we cannot carry out the necessary checks or arrange transport.

If you have any donations, please leave them in the donation bins by the gate.



To keep our animals comfortable, we need to build and maintain structures. For this we need: 

  • sheds
  • gates
  • fencing and fence posts


Our animals can be cheeky but also the Derbyshire weather can take its toll. To maintain our stables, we need:

  • wood planks
  • wood off-cuts
  • plywood sheets


For all the repairs we do, we need the right tools:

  • nails and screws
  • ladders
  • power tools

Farmyard tools

To look after our animals, we need farmyard tools for mucking out and cleaning up:

  • pitchforks
  • spades
  • wheel barrows
  • shovels
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