Haywill Animal Rescue and Therapy Centre - Every animal matters. Animals don't judge.
Therapy Centre

Animal therapy is a very important part of our charity, we work with people with special needs, mental health issues, disabilities and behavioural difficulties using the animals. 

“Animal Assisted Therapy” (to give it the correct title) is an intervention for people with a wide range of difficulties. It engages the client in a therapeutic/ learning process to bring about awareness and a change in emotional, psychological, physical and behavioural problems. It is experiential in nature, people learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the animals then discussing and debriefing about the process.

The benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy are widely documented. 

Animals provide a social and emotional support for the person, with assumptions that because the animal seems non-judgemental to the person, it is perceived as comforting, raises self-esteem and makes it easier for the person to express themselves.

Animal Assisted Therapy promotes social interaction, reduces anxiety, releasing stress, increases morale, increases calmness, improves outlook, reduces fear and can reduce the need for medication.

This approach has also shown to help children who have been victims of Child Sexual Exploitation. They are less likely to be anxious and therapist and child are able to form a greater sense of rapport more quickly as they feel more comfortable in a therapy setting.

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