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We are open summer hours 12 - 3pm

If you have any donations, please leave them in the donation bins by the gate if we are not open.  Thank you so much for your support!

Stay safe, stay well, stay calm -  love an animal!



At Haywill, we have been helping animals for over 30 years.

For us, every animal matters and we try to help all animals in need - saving unwanted animals from the worst imaginable outcome.

Every Animal Matters - Animals Don't Judge


Therapy Centre

Animals don't judge - a quality that makes them so useful in therapy. They give confidence, help with anxiety and help people form a bond.

Read more about Animal Assisted Therapy at Haywill


Give whatever you can

As they say, every little helps! And at Haywill we are thankful for any amount - it is all used to care for the kind and gentle animals we have.

Simply enter the amount you can give in whole pounds in the "quantity" 5 for £5 Thank you!


Amazon Wish List

Can't make it to the rescue? Why not send something from our Amazon Wish List

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