Haywill animal rescue and Therapy centre - Every animal matters! Animals don't judge!
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 we are still looking for further grazing in the Glossop area.

We hope you can find everything you need. Haywill animal rescue is focused on providing homes and care for abused and unwanted animals. We work with our animals to provide therapy for special needs, abuse victims, ex addictions, behaviour issues and mental health. (amongst others!)

We have been established for over 24 years but orginally  kept it very low key and self funded. However we have finally moved to an ideal location with the horses/ponies and of course the mad ex-battery hens and have become a lot larger to accommodate the extra animals we have had to take in! So we need now to raise money!!!

We are now Defra registered so we can take "pet" farm animals

Many people ask us is there anything we need.- here goes:-
  • newspapers,
  • pieces of material ( to make peg bags etc)
  • Chicken wire, mesh fencing
  • carver water heater for a caravan
  •  tonnes and tonnes of wood chip
  • hardcore and flagging
Food for the animals
  • Food is always needed-
Urgent !!
 this week is tinned food and rabbit and chicken food!
  •  horse food:- coarse mix (meadow mix) pony nuts, dengie hifi, alfa oil, sugar beet, happy hoof. horse treats and horselicks.
  • tinned dog food, tinned cat food, dry dog food, dry cat food, rabbit food, guinea pig food,
  • chicken food (mash, corn and pellets)
  • wild bird food,(fat balls, peanuts, wild bird food)
  • We could do with a really nice greengrocer who would donate greens and fruits for all the animals.
  • Pig pellets
  • straw bales
  • hay and haylage
  • shavings
animal sundries
  • bowls
  • collars and leads
  • wormers (need to be the sort that go on the back of the neck)
  • flea treatment (need to be the sort that go on the back of the neck)
  • dog coats
We currently raise money by several ways.
  • Car boot sales (you could help by donating items to sell or even come and help us run the stall for the day).
  • Tack sales (again donations of tack would help us ).
  • Market stall usually Hyde market. (twice a year)
  • Sponsorship - sponsor an animal.

Nanageegee's preserves -  these are sold in aid of the rescue.  only the best ingredients and our free range eggs are used in our preserves. No colourings  E numbers or anything else unpleasant are in our products. As seen on Britain's Best Dish. Ed Bains said" beautiful and so tasty" (Lemon Curd and strawberry jam) John Burton-Race "smooth and luscious".  Jill Golden - "could eat a jar!!!!"
These when available are sold through our shop and at events.
Donations - These are our bread and butter, every little bit counts
Nat West sort code 01-03-57 a/c no 29204534 we also have a pay pal account lynn@haywillanimalrescue.co.uk

As a panel judge any money from that goes straight in the kitty.
We operate an animal/house sitting service  - enhanced DRB checked
We always need volunteers - Have you a skill that you can help us with? you do not need experience and we are happy to take people under our therapy scheme.  None of us are perfect!
We need people not just to help us with the animals but mending fences build cages, runs etc. people to help us raise funds. etc. the minimum age is 14.
We appreciate any help that is given to us from our volunteers that muck out on a freezing cold day to the little elderly lady who brings us two sachets of cat food.  Thank you to you all.

Taking in animals
We have limited room to take animals in and because of the increase in feed, bedding etc we find ourself in a position that any animal we take in MUST come with a donation of  food that the animal eats and a cash donation  (If severe financial disability is in place we will do our best to help - only in the case of someone in receipt of benefit). This MUST be done when to animal arrives especially if it is a large animal!!!!
Please note that it is your responsibility to bring the animal not ours to collect.  A fee will be charged if we have to collect depending on what is involved.
We also expect to receive all the equipment that you have for the animal rugs, tack, bowls and any bedding such as blankets (so the animal has something familiar!)
We have to keep these animals until they are rehomed as donations are few and far between we are sure you would understand about these measures we have to take!
We have homes waiting for small dogs and kittens!
Animal Update
KITTENS  available at the moment also many cats, various shapes, sizes and gender! = £50 minimum donation kittens, £30 cats
Puppies -  no puppies available at present

Female bedlington/jr Cross. 2 years old. very much a character. needs home on own and hates cats!!! does not like men!

Yellow-bellied turtles/terrapins
We a have a pair of turtles/terrapins to rehome available in three weeks.  you must have experience with these animals to be able to rehome.  Donation to be advised.  lovely animals two characters Dude and Sweet. male and female.
Cockerels- dumped in a field!
Rabbits - various breeds and gender.
Molly aka  has found her forever home and is so content! she lives with an older couple and everyone knows her and brings her treats.  It is so nice when are animals are adopted and land on their feet. Be happy Molly x
Arkle - We lost Arkle. 28 years young. Sleep tight Arkle you will be sorely missed. sorry guys in tears again!!!

If you are looking to rehome an animal please contact us to let us know what you are looking for. we have animals coming and going all the time so we can call you if a little friend comes in that can suit your requirements.
adoption agreement
Please note we do not allow our animals to be bred that is a requirement and condition of adoption. The new "parents"must undertake to have the animal neutered or spayed if not already done!  you must make sure the animal is microchipped if not already done. If already done make sure you change the details with the microchip company.
We do ask for a donation for any animal that is adopted to allow us to continue our work and to make sure that the animal is not just taken on a whim. (please ask for details). We ask you to go away and think about your decision for at least a day. ( we will "reserve" your animal for you).
 If there is a problem with the animal we will take it back but will not return donations unless there is a medical issue with the animal.
minimum donations for adoptions
rabbits and guinea pigs £15.00
kittens £50.00
Cats £30.00
dogs £100.00
horses £250.00 horses, ponies and donkeys still remain the property of haywill animal rescue. this is a loan of the animal not an adoption!
Chickens £7.00
Please note donations will not be returned unless the animal is returned because of a medical condition. Remember you are not buying the animal just adopting it, the donation is used for the upkeep of the animals.
Haywill animal Therapy
This is a very important part of our charity, we work with people with special needs, mental health issues, disabilities and behavioural difficulties using the animals. We are being recommended by the local PCT and support groups.  We are having a resounding success with this therapy.  We also use the dogs for petting sessions at local establishments the dogs love it and so does everyone else.
Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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